2 Ways to Bring Joy to Your Children

Asian family laughing at dinner tableThe following post was inspired by a conversation with an eleven-year-old grandson as he talked about the difference it makes when people are happy at school.

Children Need Happy People in Their Lives

Do you know how vital it is for your children to be around happy people? More than anything else, their perception of a good family includes laughter. They judge a school and its teachers by the number of smiles they see on the faces of the adults and other kids.

Laughter and smiles are a universal way of saying that everything is okay. A family who has a big fight during dinner is unable to laugh the rest of the evening. In fact, after family discord, most will go to school and work the next day with a sense of brooding. Likewise, people who laugh with their family over breakfast leave home with a lightness in their step.

Two Things Parents Can Do

There are two important actions parents can take in response to their understanding of the importance of smiles and laughter.

  • Lighten up. Take time to see the humor in life. If someone spills a soda all over everything, by all means, get it cleaned up, but enjoy a laugh over the fact that now everything is sticky.
  • Encourage and compliment your child’s teachers. Teachers are under tremendous pressure to meet all the requirements of their jobs while helping each student reach his or her potential. Teachers often come to school with their own family issues and stresses that make it harder to smile and laugh. Do all you can to show your appreciation. Your kind words could bring a smile that will make your child’s day happier.

God Surely Loves a Joyful Family

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). It must make God happy when he sees a family that is joyful.

Questions for You

 Questions: Are there days that you have a hard time finding joy in your life? How do your children react to your joyless days? How do they react to your joyful days?



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